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7 Ways You Will Use Math in Real Life

Discover 7 practical ways Math is used in everyday life! From shopping to cooking, converting currencies to DIY projects, see how Math impacts daily tasks.

10 Reasons to Study Economics

At its core, economics is a social science that studies how individuals, groups, and nations manage and use resources. Economics can be broken down into microeconomics, which looks at decisions at an individual level, and macroeconomics, which is concerned with the economy as a whole.

Everything You Need to Know about the SAT: Part 1

Learn all about the SAT exam, when to take it, and how to prepare for it. Alleviate your stress and worry by signing up for Ostaz’s SAT prep sessions.

Reasons to Study Psychology

It can be quite overwhelming to choose what to study at university: from what major to choose to which courses to take as your free electives. Psychology is a fascinating field that is not only a science but also a study of human nature, so it is considered to be a social science- the best of both worlds! Below are the social, cognitive, emotional, and career benefits of studying psychology. Keep reading to know about the life skills at the personal and professional levels that learning psychology provides you.

The Art of Effective Teaching: 13 Strategies That Work

Tutors always want to provide their students with the best education possible and help them achieve their desired academic goals and results. To ensure effective and efficient teaching, tutors can incorporate instrumental strategies in their teaching. Here are 13 effective teaching strategies- in the new normal- for every tutor.

Everything You Need to Know About the SAT: Part 2

Every year, all across the world, high school students and their parents spend millions of dollars, thousands of study hours, and a whole lot of worry and effort to take the SAT exam. Known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT focuses on standard academic knowledge in literacy and mathematics. It’s a source of anxiety for students and parents. To alleviate some stress or worry from students and parents, SAT prep sessions are the way to go! Below, you can find the answers to all your most-asked questions about the SAT.