4 Last Minute Tips Before Taking the SAT Exam

Published on Thursday 18th of June 2020

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4 Last Minute Tips Before Taking the SAT Exam


“ I can’t believe my SAT exam is next week. I’m starting to stress out! What else should I do to make sure that I am well prepared? Any last minute tips?? ” - Mirna Jawad 


Mirna is certainly not alone, truth is, no matter how prepared you may be for an exam, nerves tend to kick in (at least a little). Don’t worry though, nerves are perfectly normal, trust us! To help ease your mind though, Synkers consulted our certified SAT instructor with over 10 years of experience, Micah Garner on his expert advice. 

Students stressing before the exam is no foreign concept to Micah! So, here are his top 4 last minute tips before taking the SAT exam. 


  • Don't spend too long on one question.  If you don't know it, temporarily skip it and come back to it later.


  • Don’t lose your focus, read the questions very carefully and answer exactly what they're asking.


  • For Math, use the answers to your advantage and eliminate impossible solutions based on quick logic.


  • For Writing, read the entire passage but answer the questions as you go.  Context is key with these questions, so don't make the common mistake of rushing these questions.


Micah  G.

Micah finds himself driven by a result oriented teaching approach and much like all of us Synkers, the success stories from the students are his biggest motivator. One of our favorite attributes about him is his ability to keep the sessions fun and interactive. “ I’ve found that teaching is incredibly enjoyable, it’s very rewarding working with my students to achieve their goal ” - Micah Garner.


Watch this video to hear what some of our students have to say about their sessions with Micah! 



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