5 Steps to finding the perfect tutor for your child

Published on Tuesday 9th of February 2021

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5 Steps to finding the perfect tutor for your child 

Know your goals 

Parents must know their child's needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Is your child seeking general homework help or does he/she have weaknesses in specific areas?

Understanding the goals and expectations for your child is key to hiring the right tutor. Such knowledge will set the basis of communication between you and the perfect tutor. 


Know your child 

It is crucial to communicate with your child about his/her expectations from the tutor and the whole experience. As a parent, you should also have a clear idea of your child's learning style. Does he/she learn best by reading, listening, moving, touching? Does he/she do better with men or women? Does he/she need lots of nurturing or a firm hand? What motivates and interests him?

To understand your child better, you could also speak with the school teacher or counselor. Schools usually have documentation of their students' behavior and learning patterns. 


Know your source 

Parents should make sure to hire the tutor from a reliable source, especially with the increasing number of tutors that aren't qualified but claim to be.

Good sources are credible online platforms, schools, and trusted peers and fellow parents. 

At Synkers, we make sure to prescreen and background check each and every tutor to ensure they are highly qualified and experts in their fields. 


Know which questions to ask 

After choosing a tutor, it is important to communicate with them and ask them all the right questions to further understand their teaching methodology. Asking the right questions will clarify the extent to which the tutor might be a good match for your child. 


Find here a list of questions that give you a good idea of the questions you should be asking the tutors. 


Know the tutor’s personality

The best qualifications in the world would not matter if the tutor doesn’t have the right personality or characteristics to do the job. Here are some things you may want to look for when selecting a tutor for your child:


Adaptability: Tutors must adapt to the students' needs to get along with them otherwise your child will dread the sessions which would make the experience a failed one. 


Enthusiasm: You need a tutor passionate about teaching and learning to help your child stay engaged and interested in the lesson.


Reliability: You and your child must trust the tutor. You want to work with someone who keeps their word. Someone who shows up on time, sends you the information they promise and follows through on things they say.


Empathy: An empathetic tutor can ensure your child feels heard and understood. A good tutor will recognize how factors such as tests’ anxiety, insecurity, and stress impact performance. Showing a clear understanding of your child’s emotions will be an asset to the learning process.


Finding — and keeping — a good tutor involves some work on your part. But then isn't your child worth all the help you can give?


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