5 Tips to Find the Perfect Tutor for You

Published on Wednesday 27th of May 2020

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“Finding Kevin has changed the way my son looks at a chemistry book! I can tell how inspired he’s become; I couldn’t be happier I found him.” Mrs. Obada.


At Synkers, feedback like this is truly what keeps us going! We believe in quality education, we believe in tutors that care for their students’ growth academically and personally, and most importantly we believe in all our students.


An integral part to ensuring all learners are as happy as Mrs. Obada comes from making sure you have synced with the right tutor for you! We have compiled a list of 5 tips to recruit the perfect tutor for you.


  1. Make sure they are well experienced: The right tutor is going to serve as your backbone, they will tailor their lesson plan around your strengths and weaknesses to achieve the best possible results. For a tutor to be able to do this, they need experience and training. Their training should surpass knowledge material, you want to make sure the tutor sees the value in understanding each student's individuality and using that in their teaching approach. This is so crucial that at Synkers we have a team allocated solely to ensuring that all our tutors have gone through an extensive screening as well as constant and ongoing training to provide you with the highest caliber of tutors.
  2. Find someone who is understanding and empathetic: It is essential for a tutor to know what your learning objectives are, this is what sets the tone for the lesson(s). This is especially important in the introductory sessions with a new tutor. The more the tutor is focused on getting to know what your desired outcomes are, the higher the success rate. This also allows the tutor, parent and student to use the same metrics in order to determine if the student has improved.
  3. Make sure they adapt to your learning style: You want to make sure your tutor is adapting to your learning style.This can be done differently by every tutor, here are a few of the ways;
    • They use different approaches to determine what resonates best with you.
    • They give you assignments and quizzes.
    • They ask you questions.
    • Irrespective of the method, the key here is to ensure the tutor is paying attention to how you learn best as well as adapting their teaching style to suit your learning styleFind someone passionate, compatible & engaging
  4. Compatibility and engagement: This is one of our favorites and characteristics we strive for at Synkers. You need to be compatible with your tutor in order for the session to be engaging. To some this may seem unimportant, or at least not as important experience, so here is why that’s not necessary true;
    • You will increase the amount of information to retain.
    • You will find yourself motivated and even feeling inspired.
    • You will find yourself getting more creative with your problem solving skills.
    • It will foster an innovation driven mindset.
  5. Last but not least, know where to look: Download Synkers to Sync with a tutor that is right for you. 






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