Cyberbullying Is a Nightmare You Can't Run From

Published on Monday 24th of May 2021

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Bullying is not just restricted to the school or the playground. It can happen anywhere and anytime and even online.



It's important to know the warning signs of cyberbullying because it is a nightmare you cannot run from. 



This type of bullying is omnipresent; it can be found on social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms, or mobile phones.



Cyberbullies are relentless in their actions towards their peers, which may leave short and long-term negative effects on the victims.



Following up on the Cyberbullying workshop we hosted a few weeks ago, we decided to speak to Ms. Maya Hawa for further insights on the effects that cyberbullying could have on parents and their children.



"Usually, after a child faces bullies at school, they come home and would get a sense of safety, but with cyberbullying, children are victimized 24hrs a day," says Ms. Hawa.



Maya raises the urgency for all parents to educate themselves to detect early signs of bullying. 


She also reassures that the growing trend of Cyberbullying has been extensively addressed by psychologists and specialized institutions to develop techniques to overcome bullying. Some of these techniques include blocking offensive messages on social media and creating safe and anonymous chat spaces for children to openly discuss their experiences. 



During the podcast, Maya also mentioned the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise of cyberbullying during the past year especially with national stay-at-home orders during which kids spend more time online, and were more likely to be victims of cyberbullying.



Here are some of the effects of Cyberbullying:


As a young person who has been exposed to bullying and cyberbullying, feeling upset, embarrassed, stupid, even angry can sometimes be common.




Cyberbullying can leave a toll on people emotionally, making them feel embarrassed and ashamed. It could also cause someone to lose interest in the things they love.




Cyberbullying can also have a negative effect on the victims physically. Victims may feel tired, guilty, anxious, and weak.




It is important for parents to equip themselves with the right tools to help their children overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges. 



Bullying doesn’t only affect the victim; it also has a negative impact on the bully. It often results in complicated issues such as mental illness and self-destruction over time.



To listen to the full podcast, you can click here!



If you wish to take a one-on-one workshop with Ms. Maya Hawa, you can book her through the Ostaz application.





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