How to Pick an Online Course

Published on Thursday 9th of July 2020

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How to Pick an Online Course


“There are plenty of free online courses nowadays, how can we make sure that they are credible and worth our time” - Sarah K. Sarah, is one of many mothers that have reached out to us with a similar question. In fact, this is a problem that 70% of students and parents are currently facing. Here are 3 quick tips on how to quickly detect if the online course or resource is worthwhile.


Despite the fact that for a moment there we were all “bored in the house and in the house bored”. Eventually, the majority of us started thinking about how we can use this time for personal growth and development. While that's great, it's no surprise that the amount of free online courses seems almost infinite. From emails, to social media feeds, even our friends seemed like they had all started to pick up a new hobby. I mean, we love having options but it can be a bit overwhelming. So, how do you pick an online course that's right for you? Read our top 3 points to keep in mind while choosing your online course. 


1. Credibility is Key  

Start by doing your research, read the reviews and make sure the instructor or course author is experienced and trained to deliver the material. Secondly, you’ll want to spend some time reviewing the course’s outline. This will allow you to get the gist of the course along with a better understanding of the quality of content that will be offered. Finally, courses are often done in partnerships or associations of other educational entities, we recommend reviewing those partnerships to check if the institution names are credible. 


2. Make Sure it Responds to Your Personal Needs 

Align the course you select with skill(s) that will help you move forward. That can be on a personal level or a professional one, just make sure you will be able to use your new found skill for personal advancements. You can even jot down a few traits, characteristics or career milestones you would like to develop or enhance. 

Next, prioritise elements of that list with the course you would like to enroll in and ensure that the course objectives target your chosen focus points. 


3. Avoid Hidden Fees

Oftentimes, especially with free courses, you’ll find that there are hidden prices that may be involved. You’ll find a course you like, you get started, only to find out that 20 minutes into your lesson you need to add your payment method to gain full access. Always read the full overview of the course before starting to make sure you have the full picture. 


If you are a high school student, we recommend you check these free courses and don't forget to use our top tips to pick the course that's right for you!



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