SAT Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19 Edition

Published on Monday 10th of August 2020

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Studies have shown that over 80% of students were left feeling anxious and confused about the future of their academic journey due to the COVID-19 educational shakedown. 

We were approached by hundreds of our students with questions regarding the future of SAT exams. So whether you are just curious about the SAT’s or you’re concerned about some implications that may have been caused due to COVID-19, we wanted to help you out! 


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked SAT questions given by Synkers’ top certified SAT instructors.   


1.When are the upcoming SAT exams?

Due to COVID-19 the College Board has offered more exams than they usually do, below are the latest upcoming dates posted. However, we advise that you check their website to make sure no more changes take place. You can do so by visiting 


Exam Dates; 

- August 29th, 2020

- September 26th, 2020 

- October 3rd, 2020 

- December 5th, 2020 


2.When would I need to do the SAT exam if I’m expecting to graduate in 2022? 

It is advised that you take your SAT exam in Grade 11. This may differ from person to person, some may feel ready to take it as early as grade 10 and others prefer they are only ready to take in grade 12. We recommend starting with the PSAT in Grade 9, it's an excellent way to prepare for the SAT. 


3.What is a good initial SAT practice score?

As a good starting point, getting 1100 out of 1600 would be considered a good base score. It is not the best score, however it gives you room to practice and boost your score. 


4.How is the exam marked and what is a good mark?

The exam is split into three sections, English (reading & writing), Math (with calculator and without calculator), and finally the essay. The essay section is optional and scored differently. For the most part students are focused on the English and Math sections. Grading for those two sections have a low of 400 points and a high of 1600 (perfect score). 


A good mark would start at around 1200, this is when you will really start getting competitive. By 1400 and up, you start opening wide doors for top university acceptances, however, we always advise you check with the admissions office of the university of your choice as the desired scores may vary. 


5.How can I make sure I’m 100% prepared for the SAT exam?

The SAT exam is not one that you can just crash study for the week before, we advise you spend months preparing for the exam. Practice regularly and consistently as the exam is quite different from what's studied in school! We advise that you get an early start in your preparation for the exam, Grade 9 is an ideal time to start thinking about practicing. 


Finally, don’t be afraid to take the SAT exam more than once, it's actually more common than not, and the great thing about it is that your best score is taken as your final score. 

We hope these answers were beneficial and wish you all the best of luck! 

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