5 Ways to Stay Productive During the Lockdown

Published on Monday 27th of April 2020

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COVID-19 brought the world to a sudden halt, drastically changing daily routines of individuals from all walks of life in a unified effort to flatten the curve. Quite frankly, regardless of whether you live alone or you’re a family of 5, all under one roof, finding the right balance of productivity that works for you can be a challenge.

We’ve come up with 5 simple ways to help keep you sane and productive during the lockdown!

  1. Find your zone:Most of us, beit students or employees, are working from home. Create a dedicated space specifically for work. This can be any area in your house, as long as it's not your bed! Get yourself in the habit of feeling like you are “going to school/work” when you enter your zone.
  2. Organize your time: Allocate certain hours for respective activities throughout your day, even if the activity is binge watching a Netflix show for a couple of hours! By splitting up your day, you gain back your sense of control and it will leave you feeling on top of your daily tasks.
  3. Pick up a hobby: We’ve all said it before, “I wish I had the time to do/learn X”. Finding a hobby that's right for you, not only leaves you feeling productive, it energizes and rejuvenates you. So, read that book that's been sitting on your bedside table or put your baking skills to the test. You can even finally get started on learning that new language you’ve been putting off for the last 5 months.
  4. Stay Active: Yes, the lockdown has certainly changed our preconceived notions of what it means to “stay active”. However, just because your home doesn’t mean you have to stay on your couch all day everyday. Exercise is a scientifically proven mood regulator, so get your body moving! Our go-to favorite is a simple dance along Zumba Workout youtube video.
  5. Self-reflect: Last but certainly not least, self-reflection. Use this time to truly figure out what makes you happy! Pre-COVID-19 we may have been so caught up in our “regular routine” that we lost sight of what truly matters to us. This is your chance to rediscover yourself once again and find a routine that aligns with your happiness and lifestyle.

It is important to remember that productivity is subjective, so, implement the steps that feel right for you and take it at your own pace. Do not compare your productivity with anyone else’s, especially not to what you see on social media! Find a balance that works for you and know that sometimes it's also ok to just sit back and relax.


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