Stuck at home? 5 ways to cope with e-learning.

Published on Monday 27th of April 2020

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Exams such as the SAT and ICSE have been postponed, however, online classes and submission deadlines have been set for school and university students and now more than ever students are experiencing a surge of responsibility to ensure they are staying up to date and meeting all requirements. 

“My son was barely focusing at school, and with everyone else at home it’s been a hassle getting him to sit still for his e-classes”, said Mrs. Amanda, and she’s not the only one.

“It is a strange adjustment and we are still trying to better understand the overall flow and how it will play out”, said Mrs. Latifah.

While most parents are happy with e-learning as opposed to having no classes at all, we have been receiving several requests from parents who have been worried about the uncertainty of e-learning which is why we decided to share 5 tips on the best ways to cope with E-learning:

  1. Create a calendar: submissions & exam dates on a calendar will help ensure your child is keeping up
  2. Set up a comfortable study space: and try to avoid distractions as much as possible.
  3. Actively participate: encourage your child to participate in the classroom by asking questions and engaging with the teacher..
  4. Establish a routine: set an alarm in the morning. Sectioning your child’s day out and dedicating a few hours to organize oneself and study will help them stay productive each day
  5. Practice: Follow up to make sure your child is studying and practicing after the online sessions to make sure that he/she has grasped the material. You can always take additional online tutoring sessions for further support.

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