When is online tutoring not effective

Published on Monday 26th of April 2021

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We know that we do not fall short on the technology and innovation that make online tutoring effective as long as proper tools are utilized.


We have developed, and continue to do so, the correct tools that would make the learning experience beneficial, personalized and engaging. We are successful in creating personal interactions where the tutor is capable of explaining difficult concepts, gauge the student's reactions and adjust lessons accordingly.


However, in some cases, online tutoring can fail and become ineffective. An example of cases where online teaching may end up being inefficient are listed below: 


Lack of personalization

 Giving an online lecture without engaging a student is similar to sitting in a lecture room with over a 100 people and just listening to the instructor; you would get bored, doze off and probably lose interest. At the end of the day, every student has different learning styles, so a one-size-fits-all solution will never be enough.


Lack of communication

 A great tutor would pick up on  their student's verbal and visual cues and adjust the lesson accordingly. Face-to-face interaction allows the student and tutor to get acquainted  with each other and helps them reach the proper level of efficiency and productivity. While video chat is best, voice and text tutoring can still be very effecient as long as the tutor is picking up on other cues.


Lack of resources

For example, having access to a game-based learning platform can make a session way more more interactive and engaging. Such softwares require a minimum of tech savviness that not all tutors have. 


Lack of qualified tutors familiar with online teaching

Overnight, tutors had to shift from the traditional offline tutoring method to online teaching. Their knowledge and expertise were not sufficient anymore, they had to adapt and learn  efficient online teaching methods to reflect a classroom session  online.


Lack of flexibility

 If online tutors are not flexible with their time or accessibility, the whole experience might be a fail for both the tutor and the student. It is important for tutors to be accessible, flexible and ready to provide help when needed.

 Online tutoring is the new-age method for teaching through the web with the help of specialized softwares which enables the learner and mentor to engage and interact. In addition, devices such as whiteboards and digital pens are a good way to mirror the classroom experience and journey.



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