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Our two-month General English Summer intensive courses, running through July and August, have been developed to be dynamic and fun whilst strongly focused on improving all areas of the language with a special emphasis on conversation, pronunciation and listening.

This 36-hour summer intensive, with a maximum of 10 students per group and over the course of 8 weeks, is divided into 4 chapters, each with 9 hours of coursework.

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Course details

Course duration 36 hours per level
Date July 26th - September 2nd
Schedule Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
Time 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Price $250

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

The teachers who will be giving these courses all have over 5 years of experience and are certified in teaching English as a second language. They have all consistently received excellent feedback from their students over the years. 


Aga has a degree in European Studies and holds the CELTA qualification to teach English to foreigners. She has been working with King's Training since she arrived in Spain in 2014. Having worked in different countries and cultures has helped her to deepen her understanding of intercultural communication, creating communicative, dynamic and interesting classes.


Carlita is from Florida and has been working as an English teacher in Spain for many years. Bright, educated and a great communicator, in her spare time she is an avid youtuber who has created a channel to help other teachers in the world of language teaching in Spain.


Zeina is one of our brightest and most cultured English teachers. Zeina has been engaged in the field of education and professional development for the last 20 years. With a master’s degree in TESOL, she has been a high school English language teacher, a university instructor, and is currently the head of the English department at the University of Alba. Zeina is bilingual and speaks fluently Arabic (her native language), and therefore she can help A1 level students learn smoothly English as a second language.


Rob is enthusiastic, friendly and lots of fun. His classes are always dynamic, with great communicative content. His experience running a business and working in human resources in the UK has given him valuable skills which he uses in language teaching.


Matt is a big personality and it shows in his classes, which are always fun, communicative and dynamic. His outgoing personality and tremendous energy have made him one of King's Training's favourite teachers.


Perian was born and raised in the USA and has been teaching languages in Spain for more than 30 years, making her one of our most experienced teachers. With great attention and concern for her students' experience, her classes are very well prepared and designed to optimise learning in a dynamic and communicative way.

Certified course

At the end of the course, you will obtain a certificate of completion from King's Training.

Course description

Below is a description of what you will be able to communicate in English after having completed this course and obtained your certificate of completion: 


Unit 1 Introduce yourself, ask and answer questions about jobs, talk about different nationalities, ask for and give contact information. 
Unit 2 Talk about your family and everyday objects, ask and answer questions about people and pay for things in a shop. 
Unit 3 Talk about what´s in a town, about a flat, describe a town or city, ask for and give directions. 
Unit 4 Describe people, prepare for a trip, give advice and tell the time.  


Unit 1 Introduce yourself, ask and answer questions, talk about things for sale and tell the time.  
Unit 2 Describe your family, say who things belong to, describe objects and buy things in a shop. 
Unit 3 Talk about free-time activities, describe family routines, ask about free-time activities and buy tickets.  
Unit 4 Talk about your city, describe your home, discuss what to take on a trip, ask for information.   


Unit 1 Get to know someone, describe future plans and arrangements, make predictions about the future, make suggestions and respond to suggestions.  
Unit 2 Describe past experiences, talk about memories, describe a new experience, show interest in a conversation. 
Unit 3 Talk about experiences, talk about what you´ve been doing recently, talk about your favorite town/city/neighborhood.  
Unit 4 Discuss and compare lifestyles, express preferences about brands, describe the plot of a film, ask for and give opinions.   

How it works

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Take an online test
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Get the link for your online class
48 hours prior to the start date, your teacher will send you the link to the online class.

Receive a certificate of completion
Upon completion of the course, you will receive your certificate. The certificate of completion will only be delivered if you have attended all the sessions.


Please click here to download the timetable.


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Phone +966 54 181 3060  -  +971 52 911 2109


Learn English in 8 weeks

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